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Policy Statement


AGCO Finance respects human rights and does not wish to be involved in any matters that infringe upon human dignity. These rights comprise of both human rights, as defined in international treaties, and employment rights, regarding work, the workplace and working relationships.


We are strongly opposed to any form of human trafficking, exploitation or forced labour and expect the same of our customers and business partners.


AGCO Finance’s modern slavery risk framework includes several policies and processes which ensures business is conducted in an ethical manner and shows our commitment to being a transparent organisation.  


Code of Conduct – The Code sets the standard that should be followed in regards to rules, behaviours and values that are expected from all DLL employees.  


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy – This Policy provides a global group wide framework to identify, manage and monitor ESG risk relating to all business relations of DLL.


Recruitment – We ensure thorough checks are completed in the recruitment process to confirm the eligibility of workers for UK employment. 


Whistleblowing policy – Our whistleblowing policy ensures employees are aware of the steps to take when wanting to raise a concern, and do so without fear of repercussion. 


Due Diligence – We carry out appropriate levels of due diligence on both our business partners and customers to ensure compliance with our values on human / employment rights.


Saul Jones
1 March 2020


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