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Farm equipment financing

Tailor-made financing throughout the lifecycle of your equipment

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Which financing options work best for you? Your local AGCO Finance expert is close by to help you find the answers. We offer fast, easy financing for equipment, parts and services, all available through your local dealer in one clear package.


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Three solution areas

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Flexible financing
When it comes to equipment financing, it’s important to have options. We offer you a range of possibilities for both new and used equipment.

  • Flexible seasonal payments
  • Deferred and balloon payments
  • Add-on equipment during the lease lifetime

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Freeing up bank credit
Unlike traditional lending, our financial products don’t affect your bank credit lines. So you free up your bank credit for other purposes.

  • Investments in your business growth
  • Financing of your operational needs

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One-stop services
In addition to your equipment financing, you get easy, one-stop shopping for a range of additional services, all available through your dealer.

  • Repair services Maintenance and parts financing
  • Extended warranty financing
  • Insurance coverage for third-party liability, total loss or theft
All financing options, insurance coverage and services are subject to availability in your local market.

Own it or use it?

Which works best for your farming business

When you finance your farm equipment, you have two basic options: own it or use it. Contact us directly or talk to your dealer to discuss which works best for you.

Financing solution: Own it
With this option, you own the equipment when your contract is paid off. Financing to own offers these advantages:

  • Predictable fixed monthly payments
  • When the contract ends, the equipment is yours to do as you wish
  • Keep it and use it
  • Sell it
  • Trade it in for newer equipment

Financing solution: Use it
With this option, you use the equipment and return it when the contract ends. financing to use offers these advantages

  • Lower monthly payments (you only pay for depreciation)
  • No residual value risk
  • When the contract ends you still have the option to own*
  • Or return the equipment and lease the newest technology*

* Subject to availability in your local market.

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