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Eindhoven, July 28, 2021

Blog: Making farmer businesses more resilient with smart investments


Smart investments should enable farmers to become more resilient and help them exploring new opportunities to strengthen and grow their business. For the agricultural market, sustainable farming offers lots of potential...

Eindhoven, December 9, 2020

Blog: The opportunities for the agricultural sector going forward


The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of ensuring food security and the critical role the agricultural sector has in this.

Eindhoven, July 6, 2020

Blog: From ownership to outcomes


The coronavirus crisis has shaken Europe at every level - including the agricultural sector. Export markets have been shut, various commodity and output prices have decreased causing substantial financial pressure for many farmers.

Eindhoven, January 31, 2020

Blog: Let’s not forget what farming is about


Managing a farm, being a farmer, you are 24/7. It is in your blood. Your favorite spot is to be standing amongst your crops, feeling their quality and to optimally control and ameliorate the ground conditions. As a farmer you don’t want to be behind your desk for too long or be involved in too much administrative burden...