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Our Climate Journey

Conventional agriculture is a driver of climate change, but agriculture also has a profound potential to help mitigate dangerous climate events. AGCO Finance is committed to help farmers in their sustainability journey. We are on a journey too as to how we can do this in the best way. For over 30 years we have been with farmers along their way. We will continue to do so and help accelerate farmers’ transition to more sustainable business operations. This is our joint climate journey, for current and future generations.

Our Climate Journey includes interviews with farmers, white papers on sustainability topics, and more.

Customer Testimonials


AGCO Finance and the Podere Pereto farm Italy

Franco Bordoni and Barbara Borsa, owners of the organic Podere Pereto farm, sharing their story.


AGCO Finance and Seresin Estate wines in New Zealand

Cameron Vawter, vineyard manager at Seresin Estate, sharing his story.


AGCO Finance and Emmett Ecologico SL in Spain

Yolanda Pastor, organic farming technician at Emmett, sharing her story.



Press release: AGCO Finance Unveils Details of its Climate Journey Campaign

We are proud to announce the official launch of our Climate Journey Campaign to the press.


Whitepaper: Farming for a better future

This report highlights the challenges and opportunities that farmers face with climate change and the need to transition to more sustainable business practices. 


Would you rather read the summary? Download here!


Focus on biodiversity: Productive, sustainable, resilient farming

The first article in our series highlights the importance of biodiversity for farms and the environmental and financial benefits farmers can achieve when embracing biodiversity in their farming operations.


Focus on biodiversity: Biodiversity compliance and productivity

The second piece on Biodiversity and agriculture explores how a sustainable relationship with biodiversity increases farm productivity and helps farmers comply with the law.


Focus on biodiversity: Farmers can improve biodiversity

Productive and biodiverse agriculture is in the farmer's hands. This third piece on Biodiversity and agriculture discusses how farmers are increasing the biodiversity of their production systems.


Focus on biodiversity: How farmers can measure biodiversity

In this piece we explore the biodiversity indicators and how these insights can facilitate decision-making about fertilizer, crop characteristics, and rotation. They can enhance farmers' resilience to climate change and improve production results.


Focus on Biodiversity: A farmer's perspective

To conclude our mini-series on agriculture and biodiversity, we interviewed farmers Vera and Arli Zanatta. The Zanatta’s are from Mato Grosso, Brazil, which is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.


In focus: The many benefits of cover crops

The first of a series of deep dives into AGCO Finance's whitepaper Farming for a better future.


In focus: Biochar

The second deep dive of our whitepaper Farming for a better future is about the carbon-rich material known today as Biochar.

In focus: Carbon farming

In this third In focus we will take a deep dive into how agriculture can contribute to the climate agenda.



Young farmers speak up

Young farmers from around the world speak about the challenges and opportunities of climate change. 


In pursuit of soil perfection

James Price, an innovative farmer from Perdiswell Farm in Oxfordshire (UK), implemented regenerative practices ahead of their current widespread-interest with a special focus on soil quality, water retention capacity, and consistent high yield. Here he reveals how he got there.


The seeds of change: from climate resilience to carbon sink

By focusing on protecting natural ecosystems, soil health and soil carbon, says Rabobank farm inputs analyst Elizabeth Lunik, agriculture can not only become more resilient to climate change but also part of the solution.