Operating Lease / Contract Hire


With this product you pay a hire rental to AGCO Finance, which allows you to use the equipment for the period specified stated in the operating lease agreement. The rentals are normally lower than those with a HP or Finance lease agreement because you only pay for the usage not the full purchase price. At the end of the agreement you hand back the machine and your commitment ends subject to meeting the return conditions regarding hours, tyre wear, condition, etc.

If the contract is combined with a full service, repair and maintenance package then it is a contract hire agreement.


  • Secure: Fixed payments which can include maintenance and service
  • Risk: If return conditions are satisfied the customer is not responsible for the depreciation
  • Tax: VAT is collected on each rental (customers are always to take independent tax advice on the best solutions for their business)
  • Support: A network of local area managers and a dedicated sales support ensures you receive the highest level of support