Finance lease

An alternative way of providing finance is via a Finance Lease, whereby the equipment is purchased by AGCO Finance and rented to the customer for a fixed period. This is very similar to Hire Purchase as you gain exclusive use of the equipment and the repayments cover the original cost of the machine plus interest. At the end of the term you can benefit from the proceeds of sale of the asset or alternatively continue to use the equipment by entering into a secondary period of hire.
  • Burden free: A Finance Lease agreement with AGCO Finance doesn’t typically utilise current credit lines and facilities
  • Individual: Bespoke repayment terms to match the cash flow of your business whether monthly, quarterly, semi annually, annual or a combination of all
  • Secure: Interest rate is fixed and guaranteed at the commencement of the agreement
  • Cost effective: Receive the efficiencies of the machine immediately whilst spreading the purchase pric
  • Tax: Spread the impact of VAT as it is collected on each rental (customers are always to take independent tax advice on the best solutions for their business)
  • Simple: Easy to understand paperwork
  • Support: A network of local area managers and a dedicated sales support ensures you receive the highest level of support