Finance Vs Lease

If you Finance your Equipment

• You own the equipment.

• You have no hour usage restrictions.

• You can expect to pay a minimum down payment of 10-15% of the equipments value.

• You pay for your equipment and related finance charges, in monthly or annual installments, over the contract term.

If you Lease your Equipment

• You generally pay lower monthly or annual payments than if you financed the same equipment.

• You have options at lease end to buy the equipment, return it or renew the lease.

• You have the flexibility to change or upgrade your equipment every few years for current technology for better productivity.

Benefits of Leasing
Leasing can be the most financially advantageous way to operate AGCO equipment. It provides maximum cash flow and equipment flexibility. You can operate larger, more powerful, better-equipped machinery. You can also pay for equipment out of your operating budget not from capital reserves.

• Lower Down Payments: Purchases usually require 10-15% down payment. There are some lease plans that require little to no money down.

• Lower Monthly Payments: Lessees only pay for the portion of the equipment used, which is the difference between equipment cost and lessor’s residual. Residuals make the lease payment lower than the loan payment.

• No Up-Front Costs: Sales tax is paid over time in a lease, as part of the lease payment.

• Flexible Payment Options: Payments can be tailored to match your usage of the equipment, accounting needs or revenue pattern. There are operating, capital or full payout lease options with varying tax advantages.

• Three Options at Lease Termination: Purchase the equipment, return the equipment or renew the lease for an additional term.

• Change or Upgrade Equipment Every Few Years: Allows you to continually have current technology for better productivity.

• Tax Advantages: Leasing provides, depending on the circumstance, a 100% tax deductible operating expense. Consult your accountant regarding the nature of deductions for your situation.

• Preserve Lines of Credit: Leasing provides another source of credit to preserve your operating lines for what they are intended, not equipment acquisition.